Where We Serve

The CCA Facilities are all located in Youngstown, Ohio. Situated within a three-block region on Market Street not far from downtown, CCA is well positioned to serve the community and rehabilitate its clients.

Administration Office

1507 Market Street
Youngstown, OH 44507

Home to CCA’s administrative offices, Pre-Trial, Probation, and PSI services

Phone & Fax
p: (330) 744-5143
f: (330) 742-8661

Graphics Department

1620 Market St. Youngstown, OH 44507

A workforce development program offering residents on-the-job training and soft-skills development. The graphics department provides full color printing services to the public. LEARN MORE


Day Reporting Center

Eight-week day reporting program for misdemeanor and felony clients; GPS-Monitored House Arrest; and IOP program. Our Day Reporting Center is also a licensed Ohio Means Jobs center.

1771 Market St. Youngstown, OH 44507

Community-Based Correctional Facility

A 70-bed male facility housing county probationers

1740 Market St. Youngstown, OH 44507


Unit 1 – Bifurcated Female Halfway House/State Male Halfway House

Bifurcated facility housing 29 male state residents and 26 female state, federal, and county probationers

1764 Market St. Youngstown, OH 44507

Unit 2 – State Halfway House

1608 Market St. Youngstown, OH 44507

A 44-bed male facility housing state residents

Unit 3 – Federal Halfway House

1806 Market St. Youngstown, Oh. 44507

A 48-bed male facility housing state and federal residents.

Clients cannot receive incoming phone calls. Clients in any of the CCA residential programs are able to receive mail. Letters should be addressed to: Client’s name, resident
Community Corrections Association
1507 Market St.
Youngstown, OH 44507